Clara Janssen Patriotic Plaid Women's Pajamas

$ 75.00




Every Christmas Eve my sisters and I each got to open one present. And though we always acted surprised, we knew, without a shadow of a doubt, what we would find underneath the Christmas wrapping paper. For every year it was the same gift: pajamas. Pajamas that had been made for all of us by my grandmother, Clara. Every fall she would get one bolt of fabric at the store, and from it she made Christmas pajamas for everyone in our family. As the years past and we grew older my grandmother stopped making pajamas for us. I think she thought that we had grown out of the tradition, that we no longer cared whether or not they were waiting for us underneath the tree. But in truth, I never did grow out of it. I knew the time and the love that my grandmother had put into making the pajamas for us. I can still imagine Clara sitting behind her sewing machine in the evening sewing our pajamas, smiling with the thought of our excited faces as we open them. She created a memory and a tradition that I will always cherish and strive to preserve. A tradition that I have carried on with my children, and a tradition that we at 1791 would like to share with you. Earlier this fall, just like my grandmother, we got into the truck and bought a bolt of fabric (or two), and using the same basic pattern, we made our version of Clara’s Christmas pajamas. We hope that you will give them to your family and that you will see the same joy in your children’s faces when they open them that my grandmother saw in ours.

100% Cotton Flannel softened
Made in USA
Classic True to size
Traditional chest pocket and side pockets on the pants
Twill draw string