Edward Janssen Relaxed Fit Medium Wash Jean

$ 69.00



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Glenn reflects on the life of his namesake, Edward Lee Janssen (Glenn’s full name is Glenn Edward Lee Beck). With no more than a fourth grade education, and unable to read, Glenn grandfather was probably the biggest influence on his life. “I never knew he couldn’t read until after he died,”

Glenn said. “He would do little things like, ‘I don’t have my glasses.'” Glenn describes his grandfather as a strong man and a good man and a man of total common sense.

That’s why he was proud to introduce a new line of 1791 jeans named after him. 

Glenn said. “We didn’t have the volume that we could afford to sell them any cheaper.” True to the 1791 brand, The Edward Janssen line is a quality jean that’s made in America, for just $69.

“They don’t have the button flies. It’s zippers. And the reason why they have a zipper is because my grandfather wouldn’t have used button flies because my grandfather lost a finger in a machining accident. And so he just wouldn’t have had the fingers to use a button fly. So we make them with zippers,” Glenn said.